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1997-11-22: "New 'medicine' enhances mens sex lust"

We've all seen those and similar idiocies on the news hills, and I guess I should be pretty much used to it these days, but I'm pretty irritated today.

So, the title above can be seen all over Stockholm (actually, Sweden) today. It's the evening paper Aftonbladet ("The Evening Paper") that has this. They sell a lot because they always have some article about sex at least twice every weekend.

So, what does a line like that tell us? Well, my guess is that, unconciously, it tells the average (not so very bright, I'm afraid) person that a man should have a pretty high sex lust. This leads to demands for stamina and "good performance". In return, it also says that this is what women want.

Great. And then we wonder why so damn many men are so damn frustrated because they think they're not "performing" as they should? Why do we all (and women most of all, which is understandable) wonder why so many men seem to only want to do one thing (making love or fucking, whichever suits you best)? Why do we wonder where the care and sweetness went? Why do almost all men get nervous around women they don't know?

I'm lucky enough to know people who are bright enough to see beyond this stupidity. People to whom I can give a simple hug without being afraid of further demands or expectations. I feel pity for those who don't.

I'm so damn tired from articles like these...

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2000-08-14: Normality, and the bullshit it really is

A couple of days ago, there was this report on the news about some new institution or thingie you could go to if you're an "IT addict". This of course generated the discussion that it would probably be a good thing for me.

Behind this, I see yet another attempt from humanity to put everyone in this bag called "normal", to lead the individuals who aren't quite like others --- often creators, artists or geniuses --- onto the same path that the more "regular" people choose to follow, not really bothering if the creativity or driving force of said individuals gets killed in the process, yet another sould lost to the world. This reminds me a lot of witch burning in the dark ages, which basically could come down on anyone being different from the mainstream. It reminds me of the way geeks and other youngsters who do not behave "appropriately" or "normally" are said to be treated in some schools.

This kind of thinking, this kind of intolerance I dare say, revolts me as you can probably tell by now. The whole matter strikes me personally, and makes me either furious or sad. To the loved ones, I'd like to be able to explain and be understood. Alas, it seems like there's a barrier there.

Hereby, I'll put myself among those who stick up their head, stick out their toungue to "normality", or are plain different in their own way, some obsessed by what they do (Carl von Linné with his life-long and thorough study of plants, many painters or sculptors who can or need to spend long slices of time with their creation, ... There are many other who's name I dare not speak of, for they are grand in their geniality or driving force).

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